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Submit Electronic Claims
Claims can be submitted electronically to virtually any commerical carrier that accepts them electronically as well as Medicare. Medicaid claims, where accepted, can also be sent electronically.

All Major Specialties Supported
We support all of the major specialties including but not limited to internal medicine, family practice, pediatrics, ObGyn, surgery, psychology, durable medical equipment (DME), chiropractic, surgery, emergency medicine and hospitalists.

Data Security
Our data is backed up nightly at an unaffiliated, offsite company that specializes in data backups. All data traveling over the Internet is 128-bit encrypted.

Scan and Store Documents
Scanning documents for quick reference is part of the program included at no additional charge.

Mail Patient Statements
Professional patient statements are just a click away. Send individual statements mid month and include in the monthly batch cycle.

Claim Follow Up Reports
Our Claim Follow Up Reports are second to none. We maintain traditional management reports that are customarily used by medical professionals. For working claims, our software slices and dices the claims into modules making claim follow up organized and efficient.

Electronic Status Messages
Any electronic status message received from the carrier is displayed to keep the practice up to date. An example of a Blue Cross Blue Shield message is as follows:

Availity BA - This claim has been accepted for further processing Status Date:02/04/2009

Claim Note Section
All claims contain a Note Section to document follow up activity. As an example, practices login the carrier’s name and reference number right in the claim for easy access providing a “living” history of the claim until adjudicated.

Internet Ready
The software is delivered in ASP (Active Server Pages) over the Internet Explorer (IE) browser. Navigation is easy because the software is intuitive like working in Google, Amazon or Yahoo!

Microsoft Technology
The software is written primarily in Active Server Pages (ASP) working with Microsoft SQL Server.

Compare Insurance Plan Rate with Actual Reimbursement Rate
Fields are available for practices to input any Insurance Plan (or Contractual) Rate to compare when posting to the actual Reimbursement Rate received. Differences can be immediately appealed.

Software Developed by Medical Billing Personnel
The software has been developed and designed by medical staff intimately involved with filing, processing and collecting medical claims. Consequently, the workflow is dynamic and attuned to the medical industry allowing for fast and efficient processing.

Same Procedure Codes Over and Over
No more inputting the same procedure codes over and over. Practices can establish as many “Charge Sets” as necessary with a name that identifies the Set. For instance, an Ob-Gyn practice may have a specific set of charge codes for an “Annual” exam. Simply by labeling those codes “Annual”, that would be the only input. The associated codes will automatically populate.

Month End Close
Your practice customizes and closes at a time that’s sensible for you.

Management Reports
Standard management reports are available in real time 24x7x365.

Follow Up System
Numerous Follow Up Reports are available in the System to the slice and dice claims into working modules that allow for fast and efficient collections. The Follow Up Reports are transparent and available to the medical professional creating a “No Excuse” Environment for the prompt adjudication of outstanding claims. For instance, once a claim balance is a patient balance, that claim can be segregated from other claims that need attention.

Claims Distributed Through Availity ( and other clearinghouses covering approximately 99% of the carriers in the United States.